Well Site Electrification, Optimization, and Control
- Overhead & Underground distribution power line construction
- Plunger Lift, Soap Stick, Rod Pump Control, and Gas Lift custom lease design, installation, commissioning, and custom programming to optimize oil and gas production and deliquification of wells
- Compressor Station, SWD, Water Transfer Station, Water Flood Injection Electrical and Instrumentation Design, Installation, Commissioning, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance Services
Custom Panel Fabrication and Assembly
- PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller)
- RTU(Remote Transmittable Units)
- EFM/FCU(Electronic Flow Measurement/Flow Computer Unit)
- ASD (Adjustable Speed Drive)
- J&J Custom Phase Convertor
- POC (Pump Off Controller)
- Pump Panel
Motor Rewind Shop
Well Safety Anchor
Installation, Documented Testing, locating and removal
Well Safety System
Design, Installation, Testing and Maintenance
Static Grounding and Lightning Protection
Design, install, Documented Inspection, and maintenance services according to NFPA and UL specifications preformed under the supervision of UL certified personnel.
Civil Services
- Lease Road and Well Site Location Construction
- Pit Excavation and Reclamation
- Frac Pond Construction
- Steel, Fiberglass, and Poly Flow line installation
- Meter Run Installation
- Custom Metal Buildings and Sheds, Cattle Guard, Panel Racks, Cable Tray Supports, and Fence construction
- Pipeline ROW Maintenance
- Pier Holes
- Complete Dozer, Maintainer, Back-Hoe, Excavator (full Size and Mini), Trencher, Skid Steerer, Roller, Dump Truck, and Auger Truck Services (36" Circumference and 12'depth capability
Preventative Maintenance
Development, implementation, and scheduled contracts on all of electrical and Instrumentation devices
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